How Peter England’s Join the Dots garnered an Instagram Reach of 14.7K

Peter England


Peter England



One of the popular apparel brands for men in India, Peter England unveiled their newest line of sweatshirts as a part of their Autumn collection.


Intended to reach the younger, urban audiences that favour sweatshirts, Peter England leveraged social media to educate them about their latest range of the product.  Since sweatshirts are a layering staple for the 25 to 35 age group that form the brand’s TG, the brand wanted to create a campaign that had an element of pop culture while being informative and educative.


Peter England wished to communicate their audience through a unique concept and highlighted the longevity and necessity of sweatshirts in their many forms throughout history, from 12th century monks to Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg.

The series had to be relatable – and hence Peter England picked sweatshirts factoids around pop culture icons that the millennial has grown up on – for example, Silvester Stallone’s, and rapper Sean Diddy.

A five day series was planned with five creative illustration based infographics that talked about sweatshirts and their place in history, intended to generate curiosity around the product.

“Sweatshirts enjoyed a cult status in the 90s, and now they are back in a big way, as part of the normcore trend that’s swept over fashion. We wanted to create something that educated the consumers without sounding preachy. A series of five snackable infographics revealing little known facts about sweatshirts was our way of achieving that.” – Piali Dasgupta, Creative Director, SapientRazorfish

Additionally, Peter England also initiated a fun social media activity in the form of the ‘Join The Dots’ contest, as a part of the International Dot Day on September 15. The contest acted as a precursor to the campaign.


Peter England’s social media campaign helped them generate a Reach of 117K on Facebook, of which 63.8k was organic, and an engagement 11.3K.

On Twitter, they manged to generate an engagement of 121, with 5,730 Impressions.

On Instagram, they garnered a total Reach of more than 14.7K and engagement of 1.5K.

The brand successfully fulfilled their objectives and created a tremendous awareness among their target audience through social media.