DDB Mudra Group partners with Hotify to offer AI powered marketing solutions


The DDB Mudra Group will be working with Hotify to leverage their AI expertise and the Group aims to enhance marketing efficacy for the businesses they manage while simultaneously increasing resource optimization.

Hotify is a leading Enterprise AI solution provider, committed to make AI work for enterprises across a wide variety of industries and sectors. Consumer marketing and communication is a key focus sector for Hotify and presents strong potential for AI-led innovations. In this partnership, Hotify shall enable the DDB Mudra Group to launch innovative AI-led marketing and communication products and services.

By taking on the AI-first focus, the agency intends to augment its services with Artificial Intelligence and foray into AI-first products to deliver increased ROI, efficiency and predictability for their clients’ digital initiatives.

As partners, the DDB Mudra Group and Hotify intend to use available Big Data information,and shape it into actionable solutions that address consumer needs, with the aid of AI.The agency looks to leverage Hotify’s AI expertise and platform to create AI-enabled digital solutions for its clients as well as its internal processes for enhanced delivery.

DDB Mudra Group’s AI-augmented products and service offerings will enable them and their clients in following ways:

Precision Consumer Targeting

Real-Time tracking and attributing customers across all digital assets will allow forsharper and more dynamic consumer segmentation. These dynamic consumer segments and behavior analytics let users target their clients, at the right time and throughthe right communicationschannel.

Real Time Prescriptive Marketing Insights

Hotify’s cloud intelligence platform will enable the Group to track millions of real-time events happening across various sources and by tying that with pre-existing knowledge of consumer behavior, they will generate real-time insights about future consumer actions and needs that can be filled.

AI-Augmented process automation

Smart process automation, augmented with Deep Learning,will let the Groupdeliver consistent, high performance &rapid service to theclients alongwith prescriptive insights for managing and growing their business KPIs.

Cognitive Content

Deep Content analytics powered by some of the latest Deep Learning algorithms will enable the Group to deliver more cognitively aligned content to their consumers.

Both, the DDB Mudra Group and Hotify believe that AI can be used to deliver different things for different businesses. The teams are confident that Hotify’s advanced technologies will help the businesses know their consumers better and faster, and deliver experiences that are otherwise not possible.

Quoting on the partnership, Deepak Nair, Chief Growth Officer, DDB Mudra Group said, “As the digital ecosystem continues to evolve, it is imperative that we look towards creating more meaningful solutions for our clients in all facets of their business. This partnership with Hotify AI, with their incredible wealth of knowledge, expertise, and robust platform, is a bold step in creating value for our clients across the Group.”

Quoting on the partnership, Ankur Dinesh Garg, Chief Executive Officer, Hotify AI Group said, “We are on a mission of enterprise AI adoption and our partnership with the DDB Mudra Group is a great milestone for us.

Hotify has an eco-system driven strategy, where we work as AI enablers to our partners, who in turn bring significant domain expertise and existing clients relationships with large enterprises. Our partnership with the DDB Mudra combines our AI capability with the agency’s domain expertise- to deliver AI-led success in consumer marketing segment and increase ROI, efficiency and predictability for the DDB Mudra Group’s clients”.

About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a much talked-about high-tech topic across the globe for its promise to create a disruptive future. Rapid evolution of AI technologies in the past several years has led enterprises across all business sectors to explore its application in their domains. Though the world seems far from AI maturity, AI is gradually finding its place as an augmented tool to help in business processes and intelligence.

Technology giants around the world have realized the value of AI to sit at the core of data & decision-intensive sectors such as retail, e-commerce, digital marketing and finance.

What is AI First?

AI-first strategy implies serious focus within an organization on investing in AI-based products and service offerings, putting artificial intelligence at the core of data-driven strategic decision-making. AI-first also signifies a commitment of an organization to stay ahead of the curve in future technology adoption.