Facebook testing Live Video Producer for multiple cameras, split screen

Live Video Producer

Facebook Live Videos could get way more interesting, and could open up the floodgates for a considerable amount of new applications with an all new Live Video Producer tool being tested.

Input from multiple cameras, flexibility with frames for display such as split screen, quarters or picture in picture mode and many more capabilities could be a part of the new Live Video Producer tool. First spotted by Austin Hunt, social editor at BuzzFeed, who had access to it.

The Next Web’s Matt Navarra had earlier spotted the “hidden in Facebook code as far back as September, but it wasn’t actually functional yet.”

It has begun to be tested with select users, Austin Hunt being one of the few.

As many as four different types of inputs can be made at once, based on the images of the Live Video Producer available on Austin Hunt’s Twitter.

Live Video Producer

Matt Navarra further writes, “Previously, you could only use multiple cameras and overlays by leveraging Facebook Live’s API with third party solutions. This is the first time Facebook itself would offer something of the sort, which would make it much more accessible to a variety of creators (game steamers, for example).”

The Live Video Producer could be a blessing for many publications, media houses, celebrities and brands on Facebook as it offers them an opprtunity to conduct two or more person interviews, live interactions, and Q&A sessions and online meetups between industry professionals and more!