GoAir narrates a beautiful Diwali tale with #AirWaliDiwali


It is that time of the year again when the festival of lights illuminates all our lives. It is the season of homecomings, the time to be with our family and #AirWaliDiwali manages to capture this essence beautifully.

While we are all blessed to have days off from school and work for Diwali, there are many who have to spend the occasion ensuring we have an auspicious one. #AirWaliDiwali is a narrative of such sacrifices with a surprisingly happy twist.

One such story is of Shweta, a GoAir crew member who sacrifices the tradition of spending this day with her mother for her work and duty. In spite of not being able to spend quality time with her mother, a beaming and upbeat Shweta is seen instructing the passengers and doing her job with grace. Only a little later she is surprised by the GoAir team as her mother is in one of the passenger seats, happy and contented to be spending the day with her daughter.

#AirWaliDiwali concludes with Shweta sharing her favourite Diwali treat with her colleagues and her mother, keeping her tradition intact.

The campaign video for #AirWaliDiwali is well executed within the aircraft and at the airport, gracefully containing the myriad of emotions within it.     The campaign further manages to weave in the GoAir spirit with ease creating a seamless brand recall.

Storytelling blended with brand personality, GoAir’s #AirWaliDiwali results in a compelling two minute spot that delivers a touching manifestation of Diwali.


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