[UPDATED] Instagram expands shoppable tags to 45 countries

After making the shoppable filters available in the United States in November 2017 Instagram has now expanded the tags to India . 

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Instagram Shoppable Tags

After making the shoppable filters available in the United States in November 2017 and then to eight more countries, Instagram has now expanded the tags to 45 countries.


With the e-commerce industry flourishing in new markets, big players are betting big on these shoppable tags on the photo-sharing app to get more users engaged and make online shopping for them easier than earlier.  With the availability of Instagram Shoppable Tags, retailers can gain insight and view the comprehensive analytics that Instagram offers, such as Impressions, and clicks.

Instagram is known to disallow links in any text fields on their platform, except for the account bio, which forces many small businesses to go all ‘Link in bio, Link in bio’ on their followers. Needless to say, the chances of potential buyers taking the effort to click through the account and go to the link in bio are considerably lesser than when they have a clickable link right there!

The Instagram Shoppable Tags work the same way as tagging your friends, and when you reveal the tags to stalk a cute friend of friend, the Shoppable Tags reveal more details about the product. Instead of tagging people, merchants can tag products. Tapping on the tag will reveal additional details about the product, including a link that takes you to buy it on the merchant's website.

With the Instagram Shoppable Tags, the company eliminates third party integrators by working directly with businesses for a seamless experience, for the customer and the business. Currently the tags are made available in in Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Australia.

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