Kalki urges everyone to make a Beautiful Change in Oriflame’s latest digital ad

Beautiful Change

The global beauty brand Oriflame has launched a new digital campaign titled Beautiful Change, featuring actress Kalki Koechlin.

With the campaign, the brand urges everyone to make a Beautiful Change, as it could be a small step or a giant leap, and every little thing counts. Brandmovers India has conceptualized the film which intimately explores the lives of three women – their trials and tribulations and how a little act of kindness and compassion can go a long way.

Ajalaa, played by Kalki, is a free-spirited woman of today who loves gardening. She is an optimistic woman who believes that one of her favourite plants which has gone bare will also spring back to life one day. Her domestic help, Jaanvi, arrives one day with her daughter, Bhavisha. Ajalaa is immediately drawn to the girl and is distraught by the fact that she had to be pulled out of school and made to work instead.

As the story pans out, we are reminded that no matter how dreary any situation may seem, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. True to Ajalaa’s beliefs, the plant does show signs of life one day and this in turn, makes her want to take a little step – to make a beautiful change.

Naveen Anand, Senior Director, Marketing, Oriflame South Asia, said, “We’re proud to kick-start Oriflame’s global Beautiful Change campaign in India with this lovely film featuring Kalki Koechlin, our brand ambassador. As a brand, Oriflame believes in sustainability and this film voices that sentiment. We truly hope the film strikes a chord with the audience and encourages them to make a beautiful change as well, in their own way.”

Sharing his views on the film, Suvajyoti Ghosh, MD and Chief Creative Officer of Brandmovers India, said, “This was not just a great film for us to make but an important one too. The thought behind the film is pertinent and we hope that it initiates these important conversations on social media and otherwise.”

Adrijaa Sanyal, Creative Director of Brandmovers India, who scripted the film said, “Oriflame is about empowering people’s lives. It’s at the very core of the brand. Our story is about that same sentiment which we believe, is at the core of every human being – the power and will to make a positive change. And the thing about change is, it creates a ripple effect – that’s what happens within the story and that’s also the hope of this story – that it would create a ripple of change in the consumers’ life.”

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