LinkedIn introduces Smart Replies, CEO Weiner open to original video content

Smart Replies

LinkedIn is making some moves this time of the year and is looking ambitious with CEO Jeff Weiner’s recent comments indicating their intent of looking into original video content, and with the all new Smart Replies.

Let us discuss LinkedIn’s Smart Replies first, and although it may sound not so innovative right off the bat, because you have been used to seeing the three optional replies to a LinkedIn message for a while now, this is different. It is different since AI and machine learning are involved to truly embody the Smart in front of Replies, learning and understanding the gist of a conversation to help you save time and effort.

Here’s how Smart Replies will work.

Arpit Dhariwal, a senior product manager at LinkedIn, told TechCrunch that the company is working on updates to smart replies that will continue to make it more personalised.

“To help you shave a little time and more easily respond to your messages, we’ve made our reply suggestions smarter. Using machine learning, we’ll show you suggestions that are more contextual and relevant to the conversation you’re having. We’ll suggest at most three responses based on the message you’ve received.” says the LinkedIn blog.

LinkedIn intends to improve Smart Replies even further to make it much more personalized, and in tune with your conversation. “For example, you may soon see a response like “Thanks, Joe!” versus the more simplified “Thanks.” the blog post further states.

Completely optional, you can turn off Smart Replies if they aren’t your thing by going to settings.

“Earlier this year, Google expanded its own version of the feature, also imaginatively named Smart Reply, which had first made its debut in its AI-infused Inbox app, into its much more ubiquitous Gmail app.” writes Indgrid Lunden from TechCrunch.

Smart Replies will be rolled out globally to English language users of the LinkedIn Mobile app first, and then eventually to Desktop users.

Now, about LinkedIn’s increasing focus on video content which has been confirmed with native video uploading and video ads, is now being taken a step further as per reports from the International Business Times.

Jeff Weiner appears to have said that LinkedIn is open towards purchasing or creating original video content for their platform, and acknowledged the fact that video presents a huge opportunity for the professional social network.

Business Insider’s Kevin Tran writes explaining why the move if pursued, could make a lot of sense for LinkedIn, “Certain shows make sense on LinkedIn — the company could focus on programming that caters to its career-minded user base. Weiner added that Shark Tank, a TV series where individuals seeking funding pitch their businesses to prospective investors, would do well with LinkedIn’s audience. Fifty percent of college-educated adult web users in the US are on LinkedIn, according to Pew.”

Tran outlines two major benefits for LinkedIn if they decide to venture into original video content, saying it could help them retain and grow their user base, and capitalize on generating more revenue from Video Ads on original content. You can read more about Kevin Tran’s story here.