Introducing LinkedIn Talent Insights for strategic talent acquisition

LinkedIn Talent Insights

LinkedIn is taking the plunge into more comprehensive data and analytics in order to enhance their recruitment capabilities with the all new LinkedIn Talent Insights that will be launched next year, with a closed beta being unveiled by the company today.

Employers can now make much more deeper and informed decisions when acquiring new talent with the help of LinkedIn Talent Insights, a paid product that will initialy offer two reports, Talent Pool and Company Report.

Eric Owski from LinkedIn explains the applications of the LinkedIn Talent Insights, “With this information, you’ll be empowered to recruit and manage talent more strategically, and to make smarter talent decisions with confidence.”

The company claims to have more than 11 million job listings on their platform from amongst 500 million of their members worldwide, and are “powered by billions of daily member updates, activities and interactions, to provide a dynamic view on rapidly changing market conditions.”

Let us delve deeper into the two reports that are a part of the LinkedIn Talent Insights,

Talent Pool

LinkedIn Talent Insights

It lets recruiters and employers effectively find the best fit for the position they are looking to fill based on certain parameters such as,

1. Where does this talent live and what companies and industries does this talent work in

2. How difficult is it to hire the talent you’re looking for

3. What schools are producing this talent

4. How is this talent engaging with your company on LinkedIn, and more.

Company Report

LinkedIn Talent Insights

It helps your company take “your strategy further to understand your talent at the company level so you can see how well you’re doing in attracting and retaining talent, and develop branding and recruiting strategies to get even better.”

The Compan Report provides “a look at what skills are growing the fastest and which cities employees are living in. The idea here is not to simply gain competitive intelligence but to improve how you are approaching recruitment yourself.” per Ingrid Lunden of TechCrunch.

The idea behind LinkedIn Talent Insights is that it lets organizations make strategic decisions when hiring or looking for talent on LinkedIn. “magine the next time you get one of those questions from your business partners or boss’ boss, the kind that make you wish you had a crystal ball. Maybe they want to know where you’re going to start looking for engineers since your local market is over-fished. Maybe they want to understand why attrition is skyrocketing on the sales team. Or maybe they want your input on where to open a new office based on hiring difficulty in different locations. With LinkedIn Talent Insights, you’ll have the data to make an informed recommendation in minutes.” Eric Owski states further.

You can read more about LinkedIn Talent Insights here.