Luminous urges users to Look Up from their screens

Look Up

The need to Look Up / Nazar Uthao has never been more important with our eyes always looking down, focused solely on the screens of our smartphones and tablets, as soon as we wake up, until we go to sleep.

As technology continues to replace human interaction, and the world moves forward like never before, Luminous India too has taken a step further and provided everyone with a reason to Look Up.

The new range of ceiling fans from Luminous India Power Technologies, endorsed by none other than Sachin Tendulkar, claims to have conjured a compelling reason for everyone to ditch their gadgets and Look Up / Nazar Uthao.

The campaign video for Look Up / Nazar Uthao begins at a wedding ceremony with the bride engrossed in her habitual selfie sessions, progressing to the a whiff of their married life with the bride now perched upon a sofa, still preoccupied with her smartphone. Her spouse too seems to be preoccupied with his smartphone and their are no hints of interaction between them until the Luminous fan is turned on, and a gush of breeze overwhelms the entire screen obsessed family as they notice the stylish new Luminous ceiling fans and Look Up.

Cleverly positioning their product with a nagging everyday problem in people’s lives, Luminous is self aware and humorous in their approach towards the campaign. Building from the nostalgia of good times when air conditioners were scant and ceiling fans were the source of togetherness for the family, the members of which were on the lookout for gentle gusts of air.

Togetherness is the source of happiness in India, a country that thrives on the close knit bonds shared by all our family members. Luminous fans have been positioned as a medium for cheer and joy in one’s household, away from screens leading to a happy home, which are the ethos of the brand.

Luminous effectively focused on connecting with the Indian regional audiences in the best way possible by alternatively marketing their campaign as Look Up in non Englsh speaking states such as Kerala and Tamil Nadu, and Nazar Uthao in other Hindi speaking states. This move has the potential for the brand to create maximum impact with their campaign.