Nilon's redefines the sounds and sights of Diwali

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Diwali is the happiest holiday in India. It’s also the brightest, loudest and most satiating.

However, the Diwali of today has become a sight most of us cannot see. With air and noise pollution that blankets the sky and our lives.

In this regard, Nilon’s unveiled a piece of communication that offers a unique take on how we can still enjoy the sights and sounds of Diwali, without having to pollute our country.

Since 1962, Nilon’s has brought its quality products to households across India and become a notable contender across categories (including spices, ready-to-eat products, cooking pastes, Chinese range and instant mixes and more).

The video itself is a visually stunning; aurally absorbing 30-seconder that is all about preparing the food we love and indulge in during Diwali. It draws a parallel between the sounds of food preparation and the sounds of Diwali (the crackers we used to burst in earlier, more innocent, and environmentally unaware times).

So, be it chopping vegetables (which sounds like a phuljhadi) or spices in a mixer (which sounds like an Anar pot) or sautéing tadka (which sounds like chakri) or the cooker’s whistle (which sounds like a rocket) or any of the other hundred other sounds of Diwali and coincidentally, cooking.

Conceptualized by M&C Saatchi February and produced by A La Carte Pictures, take a look for yourself:

The video, which is a part of Nilon’s festive campaign, titled ‘Sounds like Diwali’, ends with the message that the sound of our favourite food should perhaps be the only noise this Diwali.

‘Sounds Like Diwali’ is an admirable move from Nilon’s and offers a sumptuous and beautiful alternative to social media audiences to move towards the more wholesome and nourishing, instead of indulging in the detrimental, which is not the true essence of the festival of sound and light.

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