Qoruz Rewards: Generate earned media through Experiential Influencer Campaigns

Qoruz Rewards

The newly launched service from Qoruz – Qoruz Rewards enables brands to offer exclusive products or experiences to a select group of influencers to generate earned media content around product launches, events, and seasonal campaigns.

When it comes to influencer marketing, the ideal scenario would be that brands get their message heard via trusted sources, while influencers get recognized for their influence. And while paid content continues to be the dominant form of association between brands and influencers, it sometimes poses certain challenges. Because there is money involved, both parties often feel that the relationship is transactional. Brands often get too protective about content guidelines, because they’re ‘paying for it’; on the other hand influencers sometimes start thinking of what they do as a job more than a craft, leading to run-of-the-mill content that fails to grab eyeballs.

With guidelines and restrictions on paid content increasing, there has been a growing demand from brands to explore means of influencer associations other than fee payments. Coupled with that, influencers – a majority of whom are millennial, driven by experiences – are interested in brand offerings that go beyond a campaign paycheck.

Enter Rewards – a new service launched by Qoruz that does exactly this. Qoruz Rewards helps brands find relevant influencers who would be open to exclusive products or experiences, in exchange for genuine and share-worthy content.

Talking about the service, Varun Tyagi, Product Marketing Manager, Qoruz said “In the social world, mutual gratification is a wonderful currency. Sometimes, all you need to do to create a great content campaignis to create a ‘WOW moment’ for influencers. These people are already great at content creation, brands just need to strike an emotional chord with them and provide an emotional stimulus. This can be done through exclusive products, services, or experiences.”

Unlike regular payment based campaigns, rewards campaigns are more nuanced and personalized. To ensure that brands are able to make the most out of these campaigns, Qoruz is providing end-to-end services that include ideation with the brand on the best perks, influencer discovery and shortlisting, reaching out to the influencers, campaign execution and management,and campaign analytics.

“During the pilot stages, we have worked with a few brands and seen great results. Now we’ve put all our experience and learning together and launched Rewards as a complete service bundle,” said Praanesh, CEO, Qoruz.

Along with dedicated campaign management, Qoruz helps brands actively keep a tab on their campaign performance through a dedicated earned media tracker. The campaign tracking tool provides detailed analytics and insights on the campaign, along with individual influencer’s performance.