[Campaign Face Off] Reliance Trends Vs Radio City

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[Campaign Face Off] Reliance Trends Vs Radio City

Social Samosa takes a look at which brand campaign performed better and who enjoyed a higher recall between Reliance Trends' Nayi Wali Diwali and Radio City's Patakhon ka Aurangzeb

Just before Diwali this year, the Indian Supreme Court announced a ban on fire crackers in Delhi, both the brands, Reliance Trends and Radio City banked on this thought in their respective Diwali campaigns. The ads spoke about how Diwali doesn’t stand for only sound made from the crackers, but that the charm of the festival lies in spending quality time with friends and family. The execution of the campaigns are different, but the messaging has similarity.

Reliance Trends Nayi Wali Diwali

Reliance Trends through their Nayi Wali Diwali campaign highlighted how special the moment turns, when all the members of the family and relatives meet after a long time during Diwali. The madness, the stories, the energy and the enthusiasm is always at its peak. So, who needs crackers, when you have such unique family members for all the healthy noise, laughter and banter?

Radio City Patakhon ka Aurangzeb

Radio City on the other hand, found a new way to celebrate Diwali. The 3:14 minute long film was an attempt made by the radio channel to make a smoke-free Diwali through their innovative method of bursting crackers on radio. The brand with the help of kids, focused on their cuteness and the innocence to incorporate the cracker ban in the story line.

Radio City's Patakhon ka Aurangzeb and Reliance Trends #NayiWaliDiwali both garnered more than a million views on their social media channels and received positive response from the audience.

Expert Take

We spoke to Jagdeep Kapoor from Samsika Consults and MindShift Interactive's Zafar Rais to get their views on both the campaigns.

publive-imageJagdeep Kapoor, Chairman and Managing Director, Samsika Marketing Consultants Pvt Ltd feels both the campaigns are effective and are relevant in their own ways. "The Reliance Trends Diwali Campaign is able to bring in a human element and the family bonding, linking it with the brand. The Radio City campaign on the other hand, brings in happiness without smoke (Dhuan), and is able to have kids as spokespersons in a naughty yet sensible manner."

publive-imageAccording to Zafar Rais, CEO, Mindshift Interactive, the Reliance Trends communication stands out because it touches upon an emotion that connects across different geographies, age groups and income groups.

Commenting on which brand has a better connect and recall, Rais further elaborated, "Reliance Trends has used the millennial and their ability to be a change maker and observer in today's times, making it highly relevant for all. Helping create a shift in the way we celebrate Diwali and highlighting the true meaning of the festival draws a stronger emotional connect and recall towards the campaign. Radio City has taken an innovative route towards celebrating Diwali and has created quite a stir in the space, but may not have a lasting impact, the way Reliance Trends does, provided they continue the communication in a sustained manner along with their existing positioning."

With a well constructed campaign and a more relatable script, Reliance Trend's Nayi Wali Diwali manages to lead during Diwali 2017.

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