[Live Blog] The unveiling of Yearbook of Social Media Campaigns 2017

Yearbook of Social Media Campaigns

The second edition of the Yearbook of Social Media Campaigns – the holy grail, and the condensation of knowledge, insights, the fruit of brainstorming sessions and victories accomplished, arrives to add value to your digital marketing strategies.

Keep up with the launch of the Yearbook of Social Media Campaigns, with our Live Blog, where the big guys from the social and digital media marketing industry are coming together to set the ball rolling with all of us at Social Samosa.

Social Samosa brings you the chance to parley with two esteemed personalities, who will share the pearls of wisdom, and the wealth of experience that have helped them and their organizations triumph, time and again.

Sirisha Tadepalli, Vice President of Brand Marketing at Zivame, and Akshay Gautam Haldipur, Vice President of Marketing at Culture Machine will be joining us today for the launch of the Yearbook of Social Media Campaigns.

We are joined first by Sirisha Tadapelli from Zivame who will be speaking on the following topic, “How to create award-winning social media campaign” at 3PM. Drawing inspiration from her journey with Zivame, one of India’s most popular online destinations for women’s lingerie and inner wear.

3: 00 PM: Sirisha Tadapelli goes Live

Sirisha speaks about ‘How to create award-winning social media campaign’ and draws parallels with how Zivame’s #SalesmanWaliBra campaign broke the clutter on social media.

3:05 PM : “Our engagement on social media platforms increased by 5x and organic traffic increased by 2x on the site.”

3:08 PM : “How we get them to say the word BRA has been one of the biggest challenges!”

3:09 PM : “You can only package an insight that much, you can only add a certain amount of bells and whistles. Ensure that there is a very strong consumer insight, if the insight itself is not deeply routed, it wont convert into a creative that touches them.”

3:11 PM : “You need to create opportunities where consumer wants to talk about your product and brand.”

3:11 PM : “While our TV ad was all about the woman talking about the Salesman Wali Bra, we do know that our social media audience likes a little funkier, younger, shareable, quirkier content.”

3: 12 PM : “You have to customize your content for audience.”

Live blog with Sirisha Tadapelli concludes.

4:00 PM : Akshay Gautam Haldipur, Vice President of Marketing at Culture Machine goes live. 

Akshay speaks about ‘Marketing to Millennials on Social Media.’

4:04 PM : “Just to put numbers into perspective, there are 440 million millennials in India, and many more all around the world.”

4:06 PM : “Why do brands want to target millennials? Because all the decisions rest with them today. Whether its booking a cab, or a movie ticket. The entire digital ecosystem is being governed and run by the millennial generation.”

4:08 PM: “In my mind, organic should be the primary focus and paid promotion should be the last resort.”

4:10 PM : “Brands are realizing that gone are the days when you can assume, and that whatever you show them on TV, they will buy it. The audience today wants to see what they want!”

4:11 PM : “Brands have also started to find a backdoor in order to connect with their audience through content portals such as BuzzFeed, ScoopWhoop and others.”

4:13 PM : “Let me give you a quick example of what we did with Dove and Change The Rhyme. We wanted to bring about a change in the voice out there and we leveraged Blush, our woman oriented channel. We showed the opposite of the traditional ‘rosy lips, dimpled chin’ and changed the rhyme!”

4:14 PM : “Just like TVF worked with Commonfloor for their Permanent Roommates project, they never shoved the brand in their audience’s face. It became a byproduct in the people’s minds when they engaged with Permanent Roommates.”

4:16 PM : “You have to get your objectives right from day one, and it is never about a single plan. Every platform has its own importance and you should always build your campaign according to your preference. Twitter is conversation, Facebook is mass marketing, and YouTube is all about video.”

4:18 PM : “If you are going to be treating a product as a product, that is what it will end up remaining, and unless you put a personal touch into your project, it will never work.”

4:19 PM : “We are already in a bubble, surrounded by technology. Snapchat has just come up with a new AR update with the new Sky Filters, and wearable technology will soon be coming in.”

4:21 PM : “There were times when we had to chase a cab on the street, and now it is the matter of a click of a button.”

4:22 PM : “The Dubsmash trend came in so strong, and ended up being overused and abused so much that no one cares about it now.”

4:24 PM : “You cannot come in with the intention and target that you want to make a viral video and then start creating a plan.”

4:25 PM : Akshay Haldipur is now taking questions from our viewers.

Live blog with Akshay Haldipur concludes.

Stay tuned in for the launch of the Yearbook of Social Media Campaigns.

The Social Samosa Yearbook of Social Media Campaigns is here. Download your copy now!