YouTube testing AutoPlay videos for mobile users

“Do not try to fix what isn’t broken” is a piece of advice that is appearing to slip up from YouTube’s mind with reports indicating that AutoPlay videos are being tested for the YouTube mobile app.

The YouTube Mobile home page will feature AutoPlay videos by default, regardless of whether the user wants it or not, although it can be turned off in the settings, or only be allowed to AutoPlay videos on WiFi.

First spotted and reported by Android Central, the new feature is only being tested with a handful of YouTube mobile users and the company is calling it ‘Play As You Go’.


In order to turn off AutoPlay videos, “ you need to navigate to Account, Settings, General and Play As You Browse.”

As you scroll through your YouTube mobile home page, the video you see on your screen will begin to AutoPlay.

Sound for the AutoPlay videos will be turned off by default, instead being replaced by subtitles.

Facebook, another social media platform to employ Auto Play for the videos on their platform had taken a step further and experimented with sound too being enabled by default, which needless to say was highly irritating.

For mobile users who are not aware of the new update, its implications, or the know how of turning it off, or setting it on WiFi, this update if rolled out officially, is going to be infuriating.

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