Infographic: 7 Content Marketing tactics to scrap in 2018

content marketing tactics

With more and more organizations throwing their weight and resources behind content marketing , the arrival of a new calendar year beckons and with it, the need to scrap these 7 content marketing tactics

Some are rather obvious ones that social media managers and content creators know of, yet end up commiting out of the fear of screwing things up. It may work for now but hampers the evolution of your strategy and stunts it from adapting to the changes. This and the also obvious but easy to succumb to, Clickbait and misleading headlines are the cardinal content marketing tactics that you need to scrap next year.

Not evolving, using clickbait and misleading headlines and five more content marketing tactics that you need to scrap in 2018. Read this Infographic to know more!

content marketing tactics

This Infographic on content marketing tactics was originally published here.