#ADayWithBox8 resulted in an increase of 15k social media followers for the brand

A Day With Box8



Capitalizing on the appeal of social media, and social media Influencers, Box8, a takeaway restaurant with a robust delivery network rolled out A Day With Box8.


In order to reach out to the younger audiences that are social media savvy, Box8’s A Day With Box8 campaign reached out to youth influencers and tap into their follower base and familiarize them with the brand.


Box8 recognized four social media influencers that fit the brand’s objectives and profile, such as Ripu Daman Handa, Rohan Shah, Abhishek Bajaj, and Ashish Kapoor.

A Day With Box8

For the social media activity with the Influencers, Box8 rolled out A Day With Box8 by providing these influencers with meals for their entire day, and it further involved them sharing their experiences with Box8 with their social media followers.

A Day With Box8

Further, the brand rolled out the A Day With Box8 contest, wherein users could win a similar opportunity for themselves, and served as a great chance for the brand to interact with their customers and fans.

A Day With Box8


Overall impressions for A Day With Box8 crossed over 14 million with Box8 enjoying an enhancement of more than 15K followers on their social media handles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The campaign hashtag also trended on Twitter for more than 5 hours during the contest.

The brand achieved their targets by working together with Influencers who helped them reach the right youth audience through social media.