Agency Feature – Beard Bros

Beard Bros

Who are we?

We are a boutique creative agency with a focus on storytelling. Remember Aesop’s Fables? Most of you probably do. The premise was simple, the stories engaging and memorable. That’s what we aspire to help brands do, craft communication solutions that foster interactions, engagement and most of all, recall. Having been in existence for the last 3 years we have worked with both startups and established corporates of varying sizes and at different stages of their business life cycle. Established in September 2014, the firm is helmed by Malcolm and Melroy Pinto.

The unique thing about Beard Bros is the complementary skill sets the founding duo brings to the table. Malcolm is a creative designer and strategist with nearly 7 years of expertise in digital communications. Melroy comes with 12 years of advertising agency experience and heads content creation and client servicing.

Our team is made up of young and talented designers, social media executives and storytellers who are always at hand to help make a tangible difference to every client brief.

What’s in the name?

Beard Bros got its name quite by coincidence really. We were looking for a name that would truly stand out. And the answer lay in our genes, quite literally. Being bearded, the first part of our name took care of itself. Being related took care of the second part!

But all kidding aside, the rationale behind the name was that just as beards give men a rather distinctive look; we felt that brands needed a communications and marketing partner to help them tell their stories in a unique and compelling manner in order to stand out from the clutter filled marketplace.

 What we do?

We are a digital first agency, which means we provide solutions to our clients across the board. So from Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management, to Website Creation, Maintenance and SEO, Content Creation, to Content Marketing, Video Solutions and Branding, we cater to the entire creative and strategy spectrum.

Why we do it?

We love what we do. They say that great things are born from dissatisfaction and this was definitely the case with us. Having been at the forefront of the media business for this long, we always felt that we could do things differently, and in many ways better, that’s the prime motivation for doing what we do.

How we evolve?

Digital Marketing is evolving at an unprecedented rate and we are at the forefront of this evolution. We believe in always keeping abreast with trends, developments and new innovations. Whether it is expanding our clients reach through emerging technologies or working on creative briefs that challenge norms, we constantly strive to do it all.

Social responsibility in social media

Social Media has the power to influence the masses and being an agency that crafts creative solutions across the digital landscape we always believe in complete transparency. It is a habit we inculcate in all our people as well. In our professional and personal capacities, we only post, share and like stuff responsibly.

Need of the hour

We believe that better safeguards against fake news and privacy protection are by far the two most important things that need to be taken care of in a better, more streamlined manner.

We learned the hard way

We have learned a lot in our 3 year journey. And the most important of those lessons is to be flexible. When you’re working on a digital campaign, so many things can go wrong. That’s why having contingency plans is so important and you need to think on your feet.

Did we just share that?

We’ve had our share of close calls, like when we did a Trump themed post for one of our clients the reactions we got from SM were hilarious and not all of them complimentary might we add.

They work with us

We work with some of the industry’s most creative startups. Beardo for Men, HealthVit, Cruise Air Conditioners, Culture Truck, Zephyr Perfumes etc are some of our most valued clients.

Industry as we foresee

We’re bullish on the industry. We expect that the industry will grow and opportunities for new business and healthy competition will increase in the near future. Consolidation is definitely going to happen, with more brands internalising the social media function, but there’s going to be enough and more scope for social media and digital thinking agencies to carve out a healthy niche for themselves. Given of course that they are well grounded and have their basics in place.

A day without Internet

Absolute chaos, though if it were on a weekend, we’d probably end up sleeping it off.

Lastly, are you hiring?

 We are always on the lookout for creative minds that can add value to the brands we work with.