Agency Feature: BHeard


Who are we?

We are an agency that believes in going all out to keep the audience engrossed in their client’s story. We, at BHeard are masters in converting our clients’ elementary stories into captivating narratives using social media to alleviate their credence with the audience.

From Social Media Strategy and Execution to Social Analytics, we cover all aspects of Digital Marketing.

BHeard Consulting is the brainchild of Neha Gupta. After completing her MBA from the National University of Singapore, she worked with Accenture Global as a Management Consultant before starting BHeard in 2013. Her addiction for high performance and passion for taking up challenges is what motivates team BHeard.

Our company is based in the City of Dreams, but has catered to clients from across the country! Our charming office is located in Lower Parel, the creative heart of Mumbai. Drop by for a chat and some healthy green tea with snacks!

What’s in the name?

Let your Brand Be Heard with BHeard (Be-Heard). We take our client’s core narrative and transform it into a gripping tale to captivate the audience. We communicate the brand’s message with a thought through strategy and diligent execution to deliver results.

What we do?

Social Media Strategy and Execution

Content Marketing

Digital Planning

Online Reputation Management

Influencer Campaigns

Web Design and Management

Search Engine Marketing

Social Analytics

Video Shoots and Editing

Business Consulting

Why we do it?

While there have been established agencies for enterprise clients, there was a considerable gap in services for mid-sized brands. With rising outreach of social media, it was imperative for these brands to have a relevant social media presence to build trust with the audience. We kick-started our journey by catering to these mid-size brands, but with our exemplary deliverables and results, we are now working with enterprise brands as well.

Further, there was very little accountability of the marketing spends made digitally due to it being immeasurable. However, given our team’s prior experience in data analytics, we could provide our clients with statistical data that mapped the success of campaigns.

Our ambition drives us to deliver only high- quality services cost effectively.

How we evolve?

Consistent research on all the new happenings and constant discussion on current trends and latest campaigns is a regular activity at BHeard. We continue evaluating new mediums of communication coming up on social media and their impact. Using this, we have provided insights to our clients, giving them diverse content that has yielded amazing results.

One of the examples of our evolution would be our foresight of Video Content as the next big thing to take social media by storm. We enacted on it and established our video production team. We have already received appreciation from our clients for execution in that field.

Social responsibility in social media

We are cautious of not doing any brand publicity cruising on negative, sensitive events or natural calamities. Instead, we bring in positive elements to our audience by being empathetic to human emotion. We also try to advocate as many social causes as we can, using social media.

Need of the hour

One thing brands need to understand is that unless the right techniques and tools are utilized, social media marketing won’t yield any results. The market suffers when, for example, a single individual with little experience or expertise promises to replicate industry standards. Therefore, investing in a qualified agency, which’ll get the job done well, is the need of the hour for any brand looking to up their social media game.

We also believe that there is a need for more stringent plagiarism checks as it’s unethical to blatantly take credit for someone else’s effort.

We learned the hard way

We were running a campaign for our client, when prize sponsors gave away expired products as gift hampers and we had to manage the backlash for the client.

People are extremely sensitive when it comes to contests and prizes. Hence, it is advisable for the clients and their sponsors to keep up to their promise. Another paramount factor is that all terms and conditions should be clearly mentioned.

Did we just share that?

Having being given the responsibility of remodeling the digital imprints of a Royal Family, our team was invited to stay as royal guests of his eminence at the palace. While there, we were given the utmost regal treatment by the Maharajkumar’s entourage, who even addressed us as ‘Hukum’! We had a magnificent experience and we came back feeling glorious.

They work with us

Some of the clients we have worked with are Unilever, BNP Paribas, Radisson Blu and one of the Royal Families of Rajasthan, to name a few.

Industry as we foresee

The marketing budget for brands has already shifted from offline to online and in the years to come, there’s only going to be a further increase in online spends.

Small enterprises (irrespective of which industry they belong to) that have little to no social media presence increasingly understand the need of being online and are getting on the social media bandwagon. This will create a higher demand for agencies to step up.

Moreover, customized audio and video content will show dominion over plain creatives. There will also be more accountability on digital spend with increased use of analytics.

A day without Internet

Being connected now is like breathing. What would a day without Internet be like?

A day without the internet is hard to imagine! Yet if it comes, it will make for a day of brainstorming and strategic planning over green tea and munchies. We shall complete our video shoots and may push for long weekly meetings with our clients. Still a busy day!

However, it won’t be only work and no play for us. In between our bustling day, we will also make time for a lazy and bonding team lunch.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are hiring.