Bharti AXA's Kauuve Ka Maltyag has a fresh take, but low recall: Experts

Sarmistha Neogy
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Kauuve Ka Maltyag

The videos revolve around the idea Kauuve Ka maltyag - a revolutionary product that is supposed to enhance your luck but how it eventually fails its users.

Bharti AXA General Insurance launched four new films for the campaign 'Luck pe bharosa chhodo aur Insurance se nata jodo'. These digital series takes a dig at how people still believe in luck and superstition to ensure financial protection and growth but do not consider insurance as a possible solution.

The videos revolve around the idea Kauuve Ka maltyag - a revolutionary product that is supposed to enhance your luck but how it eventually fails its users. The aim of the campaign is to spread awareness among the millennial population that relying only on luck is not the smartest choice, one should go for insurance to ensure security. The target audience for the campaign is in the age group of 22-40 years.

Other than the four videos that uploaded on YouTube, the campaign is being promoted by interesting content and influencer tie-ups.  In order to promote the video, it has done articles in partnership with ScoopWhoop and other blogs. To engage with the audience further on social media, the brand has conducted polls.

Expert views

We spoke to Anthony Padayachi from BC Web Wise and Boring Brand's Anshul Sushil to get their views on the campaign and understand if the content has the potential to work well for an insurance brand.

While, Padayachi likes the execution and packaging of the content, Sushil is of the opinion that even though the content has resonation with the TG, the execution could have been more suited for the digital audience by making it more relatable.

Both the experts, unanimously agreed that these ads may not create a good brand recall for Bharti AXA General Insurance.

publive-imageAnthony Padayachi, Associate Creative Director, BC Web Wise said, "Considering that it’s a digital video, the execution does score on a few core elements of storytelling – the ‘sansani’ style fused with Indian infomercial technique, the actor’s performance, the packaging of the pseudo product, and the totally random arcade music playing in the background. In an industry cluttered with stories that use fear as the trigger in stories, the content does manage to grab one’s attention. The campaign looks like it was thought and shot for digital."

Talking about recall, Padayachi added, "The greatest recall for Bharti AXA has to be the visual idea of turning the consumer’s POV of insurance companies upside down, literally. Since this specific campaign does not take that proposition forward, it may fall shot on recall, but it does manage to connect with the TG during the critical OND-JFM months for insurance brands."

publive-imageAnshul Sushil, CEO & Co-founder, Boring Brands pointed out, "While the concept and overall thought of using a popular belief/superstition as the base will resonate with audiences, the execution could have been better. The series of ads play on multiple tropes from common notion to making fun of TV-sales shows, and while it has been portrayed in a loud, over the top manner, a more subtle approach could have worked better.

"The overall campaign might just appeal to masses for a dig they have tried to take on a popular belief but will fail to move digital natives. On digital, brands need to be a little more specific and relevant to cut through the clutter. Netizens like campaigns that are not normal, expected, boring or merely an advert. So brands need to understand that if they are even trying to take a humorous route than that should stand-out and be relatable. I feel Bharti AXA’s campaign missed to do precisely that," concluded Sushil.

Looking at the views on the videos and the engagement of the brand with the audience, the hashtag #KauuveKaMaltyag has not managed to create enough noise on social media till now. Since the campaign kickstarted on November 2 and will run for a month more,  it will be interesting to see, if the campaign picks up in the coming days.

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