Facebook’s Cross Border Solutions gets four new features!

Cross Border Solutions

Facebook’s Cross Border Solutions, a bridge that connects businesses to people all over the world has helped the platform interact with over 1.2 billion people to a small business in another country.

More than 250 million people all over the world are connected to a business in India, and Cross Border Solutions, introduced last year was a step towards further aiding these business-consumer relationships to flourish. Today, Facebook is introducing four new Cross Border Solutions to further assist all businesses to grow, around the corner or around the world.

As more people around the world come online, businesses have an opportunity to connect with new customers, many of whom live in different cities, regions or countries. Cross Border Solutions was introduced to provide a bridge for businesses to the new global, mobile economy through Facebook.

Interestingly, now 42% of people on Facebook in India are connected to at least one SMB in a foreign country and 65% of people on Facebook in India are connected to at least one SMB in India.

Easier ways to reach new customers, anywhere

As businesses expand to new countries or regions, it’s important to reach the right customers in their preferred language. With dynamic language optimization, businesses can include multiple languages in one campaign, and Facebook will match the right language to the right person, at the right time. This solution also makes budgeting across different languages easier, as Facebook will optimize for the best performance based on your total budget and campaign objective.

“Over the last year, Facebook has created many new features that not only help my business scale, but also help me work more efficiently in different time zones. Instead of staying up late at night to check ads every hour, now I can set rules to turn off ads when they go out of our budget. And once I have products that work in one country, I can easily scale to that region by adding new languages to my products and websites.”
—Le Phuong Bao, Facebook Marketer at iMedia and Trading Agency (Vietnam)

Before, advertisers could create international lookalike audiences to find their best potential customers in a new country. Now, businesses can also use multi-country lookalike audiences to find their next best customers in any combination of countries or regions. International and multi-country lookalike audiences can help businesses big and small find the people from around the world that will love their business.

“Since we started advertising on Facebook, we were able to grow our business exponentially and sales have increased by 83%. As a result of this success, we’ve hired four more people with plans to hire two additional employees and we are now present in more than 40 countries across five continents.” –David Suarez, Marketing Director at LifeCell

When expanding into unfamiliar markets, businesses can spend a lot of time researching where to invest their ad dollars. Now, with multi-city targeting, businesses can target all cities above a certain population size without having to do research or add the cities individually.

Businesses can also decide how and where to expand their business across borders based on actionable insights. Facebook IQ Cross-Border Insights Finder helps advertisers discover untapped markets for their business by providing comparative country data based on past campaign performance across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.

Education is an important step as businesses decide to expand operations and hire new employees. To help businesses learn more about how to take their brand global on Facebook, they have developed a Blueprint elearning course—Expand Across Borders with Facebook.