Facebook launches educative ads to talk about safety features


Facebook has launched a series of ads in both English and Hindi on the platform to educate Indian users about the various safety features like, profile picture guard and different settings, whereby only friends and family members can comment barring random stranger.

The campaign also educates the users about the option of audience selector setting, where one can upload a picture and select the audience, whom they want on their list to view a particular post or a picture.

Showcasing the story of two sisters and the concern of their family over the use of Facebook, the ads aim to simplify the privacy settings of the platform. The tonality of the ads are very simple and easy to understand across all the age groups.

The responses below the ads have been mostly positive and Facebook is doing a great job of engaging with the Indian audience by replying to each comment.

The campaigns are specifically built for the Indian Facebook users pegged at 241 million, surpassing the social media giant’s US market, which stands at 240 million. Despite the strong numbers, Facebook’s penetration in the Indian market stands at a mere 19 per cent of the country’s population.

With a vast potential market in the offing, Zuckerberg’s brainchild seems to be working hard in strengthening their bond with the existing audience and expanding to newer horizons.