How Godrej Appliances’ Suit Up To Allergy garnered a reach of 2mn

Suit Up To Allergy


Godrej Appliances



Children often contract bacterial infections and other allergens from their clothes, a problem tackled by Godrej Appliances’ Front Load Washing Machines.


Godrej Appliances’ Suit Up To Allergy campaign was devised to communicate the USP of their front load washing machines to the brand’s preferred demographic – parents with young children.


The key behavioral insight for the campaign was how mothers tend to get a little overprotective when it comes to their children’s health. The brand developed Suit Up To Allergy around this insight.

A campaign video was created for Suit Up To Allergy, infusing humour with the brand’s message. It depicted an overprotective mother who worried about her child’s safety, and makes her son wear a Hazmat suit to protect him from germs and allergies.

The communication was reinforced with GIFs that were accompanied by tailored copies that would attract the attention of mothers and educate them about the various sources of allergens and bacteria.

Product benefits were communicated to their audience with engaging social media posts.


The campaign video for Suit Up To Allergy reached 1,076,536 people with 884,517 views garnered from 633,212 Unique Viewers.

Suit Up To Allergy reached a total of 1,984,664 users on Facebook & Twitter combined with an Engagement Rate of 28%.