Shots have been fired! Samsung Galaxy’s Growing Up takes a hilarious dig at Apple

Growing Up

The latest commercial from Samsung titled Growing Up highlights the Samsung v/s Apple war once again. Not very subtly, Samsung urged iPhone users to grow up and it is all the social media rage.

Shots have been fired. We repeat, shots have been fired!

It starts by making fun of iPhones’ tendency of running out of space. The messaging highlights that Samsung is always a step ahead of Apple in terms of features and innovation. The ad follows the life of a young man as he purchases Apple devices over the course of ten years, each time waiting in an excruciatingly longer line and then decides to switch to Samsung on the eve of the iPhone X launch.

Growing Up garnered over 751k views withing 18 hours of its launch on Samsung Mobile USA’s official YouTube channel with some hilarious Samsung and iPhone users battling it out in the comments.

Both Samsung and Apple are always at loggerheads with regards to their advertising and there has been legal battle as well around it. It will be interesting to see how Apply reverts to Samsung’s Growing Up. We have high expectations, what about you?

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