You could soon see ‘how many people are talking’ about a tweet

talking about a tweet

Twitter appears to be testing a new capability that displays ‘ how many people are talking about a tweet ’ by combining the Retweets meter, and the number of replies.

The new feature that still is being tested with a rather small number of people only shows how many people are talking about a tweet when embedded on a webpage.

Darrell Etherington from TechCrunch, who spotted the tests first, writes, The new look for embeds as seen above is just a small experiment according to Dan Jackson, a Twitter spokesperson, but is part of Twitter’s ongoing attempts to explore new ways of providing more social context around tweets, he says.”

talking about a tweet

It offers a more concise number around just how much conversation a Tweet has inspired. It also makes things slightly more easier for brands, businesses and other content portals and publications to gauge the broader metrics for a single tweet.

“Twitter’s simplification of this particular information, especially in embeds where new users or advertisers who aren’t as familiar with the platform are more likely to stumble upon them, is a smart way to make its internal success measure more externally relatable” Darrell Etherington writes further.

Not a major update, even if it does end up being rolled out worldwide and could hardly have a significant impact on Twitter’s fate, although it does look interesting. Looking forward to what Twitter could do with this new feature.

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