Infographic: Social Media Trends 2018

social media trends 2018

As another rollercoaster of a year inches towards its end, the social media marketing industry prepares to enter another new year and speculation is rife about the foreseeable social media trends 2018

The infographic shares some of the important social media trends 2018 – video is expected to the rule the hearts and minds of consumers on social media with more than 95% of the messages retained by the audience while the small residual percentage will be impacted by text. Also more than 80% of the internet traffic will be attributed to video by the year 2020, with live streaming being touted as the biggest video format to gain prominence next year. Social media trends in 2018 include all this and more.

Shifting the focus from the Gen Y to the true digital natives, Gen Z, will also be one of the more significant alterations in approach by businesses. Equip and prepare your business with a strategy headstart and contingencies with this detailed infographic that predicts the social media trends in 2018.

Social Media Trends in 2018

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