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Facebook Video Viewership report

The Facebook Video Viewership report offers an analysis of the viewership tally and comparison of 100+ Facebook creators for the months of September and October.

The Facebook Video Viewership report shares statistics on top 10 Facebook pages in 8 major genres – Food, How-to-style, New age Entertainment, Traditional Entertainment, New age - News, Traditional News, Independent creators, and Sports Creators.

For the Food category, Hebbar's Kitchen has consistently lead the rankings for the months of September and October 2017, followed by Yum in the second place for both months.

Facebook Video Viewership reportThese were the number of views (in millions) that were racked up by the top 10 Food Facebook Pages in the months of September and October 2017. There are no new entrants in the top 10 as the channels have merely changed places on the rankings.

Facebook Video Viewership report

Under the How-To-Style category, Glamrs continues to lead the top 10 rankings for consecutive months, whereas Art All The Way has been pushed into third place for October by Wedding Style, maybe due to the approaching wedding season.

Facebook Video Viewership reportThe Facebook Pages have dropped out of the top 10 rankings for the month of October 2017, Shruti Arjun Anand, PinkVilla and Shaadi Wedding Magazine, whereas POPxo Beauty, POPxo Fashion and Indian Makeup & Beauty Blog have breached the top 10 rankings.

Facebook Video Viewership report

The new age entertainment category was lead by BuzzFeed India for the month of September 2017, who have now been pushed into second place for October by FilterCopy. WittyFeed India too has dropped behind by one spot, from second to third, whereas Being Indian have dropped from third to fourth place.

Facebook Video Viewership reportThese are the number of views that new age entertainment channels have racked up for the months of September and October 2017 as mentioned in the Facebook Video Viewership report. ScoopWhoop and All India Bakchod are the two names to drop out of the top 10, being replaced by The Timeliners and Screen Patti.

Facebook Video Viewership report

You can view and download the full Facebook Video Viewership report from Vidooly here, and learn about other Facebook content creators across more categories.

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