One click control over recirculation ads with Monetization tab for Instant Articles

Monetization Tab

Starting today, publishers on Facebook will have more control over placing ads on Instant Articles with the all new Monetization Tab that lets them toggle recirculation ads with one click!

Publishers on Facebook who use the Audience Network will not have to insert an HTML code into each articles markup, instead being able to do so by visiting the new Monetization tab within the Instant Articles section under Publishing Tools.

Monetization tab

“Previously, recirculation ads could only be turned on by inserting HTML code into each article’s markup. Publishers shared feedback with us that they wanted easier ways to control monetization in Instant Articles, which prompted us to build and launch the monetization tab. The first feature we are rolling out in this tab is a ‘one-click’ switch that will automatically turn on recirculation ads across a publisher’s articles.” Facebook Product Manager Hossam Tewfik writes.

Specific articles wherein the publishers do not intend to run recirculation ads can be done through their individual markups. More technical information is available here.

Facebook has been working with The Atlantic for recirculation ad units and apparently it delivered positive results for the Boston based publishers.

“As always, our goal with ads in Instant Articles is to maintain the best reading experience for people, that drives revenue for publishers and performance for advertisers. Since the beginning of the year, publisher RPM (average revenue per 1,000 page views) has grown by over 50%, and is equal to or better than mobile web monetization for many publishers — even before accounting for the traffic lift generated from Instant Articles’ faster reading experience.” Hossam Tewfik explains.

Things have not been ideal and frictionless between Facebook and publishers, and the Instant Articles Monetization tab is the social network’s contribution towards making things smoother for publishers.

“We are encouraged by the growth we’ve seen and will continue to be devoted to creating the tools needed to make the best decisions for publishers’ businesses.” Hossam Tewfik signs off.