[Infographic] The State of Influencer Marketing

State of influencer marketing

When more than 94% of people say they trust their friend’s recommendations over celebrity endorses, does that not want to make you find out the state of influencer marketing on social media?

Influencers are the people who deliver a superior word of mouth that can work wonders for a brand in the day and age of social media, yet so many of us still prefer to trust the positive or negative feedback of our friends and family. The state of Influencer marketing is such merely typing in the name of a brand delivers a wave of objective feedback and recommendations with Facebook playing a huge part as the platform that wields the most influence on consumers.

Find out the chief infleuncing factor that leads to purchases, the amount of trust placed by consumers in brands that depict real customers instead of celebrities and more, with this Infographic that reflects the state of influencer marketing in the world today.

The State of Influencer Marketing #infographic

This Infographic was originally published here.  This data is not India specific.