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Agency Feature:

Who are we?

We are a Digital Marketing Agency that has 360-degree solutions to all your Digital Marketing needs. Founded in 2016 by Brothers Kumar Vansh Moondra and Vaibhav Moondra, is one of a kind with mixes of reviving disposition, techniques, planning, creativity, and innovation. Our branch office lies in Pune and Corporate Office in Mumbai.

What is in the name?

Since we are in the Digital Marketing business, the name of our business itself resonates with the industry. Webtraffic means getting traffic to a website that is the main motive of most businesses. Without traffic to the website, there is no business. It all starts with getting traffic to a website, therefore the name Webtraffic i.e. we will get traffic to your website and build steps for your success.

The first word W is made of seven elements, which have different meanings. All these seven elements are related to seven concepts.

The first element of top-left signifies Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

The element below that indicates Pay Per Click (PPC) which is part of Search Engine Marketing.

Below that is a big element, which denotes Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

As you can see, Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click are elements of Search Engine Marketing and it shows how all three are linked.

The right side of the alphabet W also has three elements. The right-bottom element represents Social Media Optimization (SMO).

The element above it symbolizes User Engagement. The top-right element denotes brand awareness.

Therefore, all these three elements are interconnected to each other. Optimizing Social Media increases user engagement, which in turn improves brand recognition.

All of the above-mentioned elements are dead if there is no Content. Therefore, the element in the enter of the alphabet W signifies Content Marketing.


The above icon indicates the alphabet We demonstrate creating conversations and client servicing. We encourage conversations and ensure client satisfaction with our services.

Putting together all elements and denotation,  is truly the best platform for all Digital Marketing solutions.

What do we do?

We provide everything under the Digital Marketing umbrella, right from web development services to conversions. Our Social Media Marketing services have proven results for many of our clients. In terms of SEO, our team of experts will improve your page rank and will slowly help you get on top of search engines. Content-the king of Digital Marketing is an important aspect and we offer the best content Marketing services as well.

We not only look at profits, but also brand recognition, and the message it wants to send out to their customers. We will walk that extra mile for your greater goal.

Why we do it?

The foremost reason is the love we have for Digital Marketing and the importance of it for various businesses. It takes a lot of hard work to build a business and we want your business to reach the target audience. Our aim is to make profits to you by building a strong online presence.

How we evolve?

We believe in absorbing everything we see around and evolve ourselves by learning and adopting change. Our team at Webtraffic are always alert and look for new trends in Social Media and other platforms so that we can keep your business strategies up to date. Evolution is very important and in this world of Digital Marketing trends and techniques keeps evolving and we are dynamic to that change!

Social responsibility in Social Media

Social Media is said to be the best for Social responsibility, but only if done right. We help brands to attract more followers and acquire a better character at the same time. Social responsibility is equally important for businesses and we understand the ethics and credibility that follows. Our strategies are planned in a way to serve interests and principles better.

Need of the hour

Digital Marketing is the same as traditional Marketing but the only difference is that it is online. With Marketing coming online and many people adopting it, it comes with risks of data theft and data security. Social Media is an open platform and therefore a lot of information is being leaked many times which leads to great losses for the company.

There are privacy concerns and the only solution to enhance the interactions is to be more open about sharing lives on Social Media.

We learned the hard way

Having a transparent relationship with clients is what we practice. Agreeing with everything that the client says is not our thing, rather we will get involved in your planning to get better results and collaborate your goals and objectives with our strategies.

Did we just share that?

No, we aren’t an agency that is really secretive and do not share our research. We are always enthusiast to share our findings with clients.

They work with us

Indexel Engineering, Siemens,,, RelocateXp, Britannia, Tata housing, Rustomjee, Limeroad, Stanvac to name a few.

Industry as we foresee

Digital Marketing is developing and is dynamic to change. In any case, what are the greater changes that will change the diversion completely? There are many things that we foresee in this industry. Mobile Marketing, Virtual reality, videos are things that are going to rule the future of Digital Marketing and we really look forward to these. Our strategies and techniques are already targeted towards mobile Marketing, videos and interactive images and GIFs.

A day without Internet

I don’t think anyone has been able to spend a day with internet. Without realizing internet has replaced many traditional things in our life, since it is fast and convenient. Telephones have been replaced by mobile phones that use applications like Skype and video calls, image frames have been replaced by Instagram and Facebook, reminder books have been replaced by Facebook for reminding birthdays and while driving we always tend to look at Google maps. The Internet is everywhere and a day without internet cannot be said in words!

Lastly, are you hiring?


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