BHG Lifestyle Influencer Awards 2017 Winners

Lifestyle Influencer Awards 2017

A monumental digital congregation of some of the biggest names in the industry, whether they were nominees, our highly regarded jury members or the virtual attendees, the maiden Lifestyle Influencer Awards 2017 was a runaway success!

After weeks of speculation and a nail biting competition among the best, Better Homes and Gardens and Social Samosa are proud to announce the names of the winners of The Lifestyle Influencer Awards 2017.

Judged by our panel of respected jury members, comprising of Adarsh Gill, Vidya Tikari, Anaggh Desai, Sabyasachi Gorai, Raseel Gujral Ansal, and Maria Goretti, The Lifestyle Influencer Awards 2017 were tabulated and classified into four major categories, namely, Home, Food, Beauty, and Lifestyle.

Here are the names of the most impactful, well deserved and fortunate winners of the first ever Lifestyle Influencer Awards 2017!

Under the Home category, we have four sub-categories: Best Design Inspiration Blogger, Best Ethnic Blogger, Best Craft and DIY Blogger, and Best Gardening Blogger.

Rukmini Ray Kadam is winner for the Best Design Inspiration Blogger award.

Sangitha Kadam wins the award for Best Ethnic Blogger.

Rittika Chokhany wins the award for Best Craft and DIY Blogger.

Siddhant Bhalinge takes home the prize for Best Gardening Blogger.

Under the Food category, we have four sub-categories too and they are, Best Desserts Blogger, Best Food V-logger, Best Indian Food Blogger and Best Original Recipe Blogger.

Shivesh Bhatia wins the award for Best Desserts Blogger.

Richa Gupta is the Best Food V-logger award winner.

Kalyan Karmakar wins the award for Best Indian Food Blogger.

Nandita Iyer wins the award for Best Original Recipe Blogger.

Our next category, Beauty consists of four sub categories and they are, Best Beauty Blogger, Best DIY Beauty Blogger, Best Luxury Beauty Blogger, and Best Makeup Blogger.

Shalini Srivastava takes home the prize for Best Beauty Blogger.

Urvashi Kumar wins the award for Best DIY Beauty Blogger.

Bhumika Thakkar is the winner for Best Luxury Beauty Blogger award.

Dhriti Bhanushali wins the award for Best Makeup Blogger.

The Lifestyle category consists of four sub categories namely, Social Media Influencer, Best Lifestyle Blogger, Best Fitness Blogger, and Best Wellness Blogger.

Hrish Thota is the Social Media Influencer award winner.

Nivedith Gajapthy is the winner for the Best Lifestyle Blogger award.

Radhika Bose is the Best Fitness Blogger.

Anupriya Kapur won the accolade for Best Wellness Blogger.

These were all the winners for the first edition of the Lifestyle Influencer Awards, chosen from among more than 300 nominees! Awarded with recognition for their excellence in utilizing social media to impact the lives of people all over the world with their talent, perseverance and hard work.