Will Facebook need Aadhar for new accounts?

Facebook Aadhar

Facebook Aadhar – the two words you prayed, hoped, and thought you would never have to use together are finally being used in one single sentence!

So, if you were thinking that Aadhar linking to just about everything nightmare was over, you were so wrong. A surprise awaits all of Facebook’s Indian users as they will be asked to use their Aadhar card for information when joining Facebook!

As reports are coming in, Facebook too will begin to pursue Aadhar card as an authentic source of personal, government verified information, as the social network is testing a new feature that urges new users to submit their names as mentioned on their respective Aadhar cards.

Not all new Facebook users are privy to these tests as only a few new users have been reported to see the new tests, although Facebook claims that it is merely a suggestion and users can opt out of using the name on their Aadhar card.

Economic Times, who were one of the first publications to report these new tests has said, “Though the Facebook prompt can hardly be seen as something to evoke concerns over privacy since it is not asking for the Aadhaar number, the move is sure to gain attention since increasingly mandatory use of Aadhaar for various services has been opposed by several activists.”

Privacy concerns will undoubtedly be raised over the use of Aadhar card information to be provided to social networking portals, or any external, private entity although Facebook does not appear to be asking for or using any personal details such as Aadhar number.

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