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social media engagement

As early as July this year, India beat the United States to have the most number of Facebook users worldwide, a vast reservoir of social media users building relationships with each other and businesses every day.

Likes, shares and comments are what social media engagement entails, and they are easier said than achieved. Compelling and relatable content encourages audiences to react, express their opinion or share a piece of content with their friends. Opinions, agreements and disagreements, complaints are all excellent opportunities for brands to carry a conversation forward with their audience. Over 49% social media users say they share content to let their friends and followers know about the products they care about, whereas 69% share content to feel more involved in the world.

Social media engagement entails talking to your audience, getting them to talk to you, building a relationship with them to create the image not of a business entity, but of a friend. Here’s how you can better engage your followers on social media.

social media engagement

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