Infographic: Social Video Marketing tips for small businesses

Social Video Marketing

Video is the future of social media, and the format is doing spectacularly well already, not just on YouTube, but on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. These social video marketing tips for small businesses are meant to drive maximum impact without maximum costs.

Over 98% of social media users say they prefer to, and have watched a video about a product or a service to gain a better understanding. Text posts and illustrations frankly are being pushed into redundancy as users are opting for more engaging and informative video content with over 76% of individuals expressing a willingness to share a branded video with their friends. Social Video marketing can be conducted through explainer videos, customer testimonials, product demonstrations, and more.

Learn the social video marketing tips on what form of video to choose, and the platform that works best for your brand and your specified objectives such as community building or connecting with the youth.

Social Video Marketing tips

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