Mahindra Lifespaces' I Am Green Army registers an engagement of 260K

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Green Home developers, Mahindra Lifespaces’ rolled out their campaign, I Am Green Army, to strengthen their association with sustainable and eco-friendly communities.


The I Am Green Army initiative intended to establish a deeper connect with Mahindra Lifespaces as an eco-friendly brand, and to communicate the brand philosophy to the social media audience, helping them inculcate these eco-friendly habits in their daily lives.


Building on the insight that it takes at least 18 to 254 days to form a habit, Mahindra Lifespaces devised the Green Army initiative as an 18 day challenge. It involved inspiring the audience to take simple steps in their day-to-day lives that would collectively have a significant impact on the environment, both in the immediate future and in the long term.

I Am Green Army was chosen as the campaign hashtag, while Facebook and Twitter were chosen as the social media platforms of choice. The I Am Green Army initiative was focused on inculcating green and sustainable living habits to promote energy conservation, and preservation of water and natural resources by recycling/ reusing materials and reducing waste.

The first phase kickstarted with a video to raise awareness around the #IAmGreenArmy challenge and to encourage people to take it up.

After the I Am Green Army challenge began, Mahindra Lifespaces posted one challenge everyday for the participants comprising of simple yet effective tasks to help ecofriendly behaviour.

Together with each task, the brand also educated audiences on the impact their actions have on the environment.

Participants were rewarded with prizes on a daily basis. Moreover, three‘Green Challengers’ were selected as grand winners from among all participants who completed all 18 challenges.


The campaign launch video received more than 100K views across both Facebook and Twitter, which helped the brand receive a staggering amount of entries for the I Am Green Army challenge.

Total impressions across platforms exceeded a whopping 42 million, whereas the engagement received on both Facebook and Twitter was 260K.

Over the course of 18 days, the page received 4,753 comments reflecting the success of the I Am Green Army initiative.

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