Can Masti condoms' new campaign leverage the condom ad ban noise?

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On the back of the recent controversy around the airing of condom ads on TV, Masti Condoms - the leading brand of condoms from PSI India Private Limited (PSI IPL), has unveiled a new integrated campaign titled Man of the Match.

Masti Condoms is advertising after a gap of more than 10 years and a series of three ads have been created and executed by Leo Burnett India.

The Government of India recently banned the airing of condom ads from 6 AM to 10 PM on national television. Masti Condoms who were not seen advertising in the last 10 years, are back in the scene, trying to make the most out of the noise which is currently making headlines in the media.

Speaking about the campaign, Arjuna Gaur, Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett India, said, “The task for brand Masti Condoms was to reach out to men – especially in small towns – and communicate a more progressive take within the category without objectifying women. We wanted to create a platform that would appeal to men in general, so we thought why not leverage India’s favorite pastime – cricket? Hence, we arrived at ‘Man of the Match’, the most identifiable achievement that stands for consistency and performance across age groups and demographics in cricket terms.”

Amit Kumar Taneja, Deputy Director Marketing, said, “PSI IPL is excited that after nearly a decade a leading brand like Masti is advertising again by leveraging almost three decades of its category experience and deep knowledge in the reproductive health and family planning space. In a category where brands either objectify women or approach sex quite frivolously, PSI IPL used an insight-driven approach to increase condom use with Masti. For us, the ‘Masti Man’ is one who is well-rounded. The positioning, derived from conducting comprehensive research, talks to couples in a progressive relationship. The Masti Man is an all-rounder who not only aces at work but also knows his responsibilities at home and believes in equal agency for his partner. For him sex is a part of his life and not his entire life. Therefore, this all-rounder Masti Man is no less than a ‘Man of the Match’ for his partner. The commercials not only look at the category in a refreshing manner but also fit well with the ethos of PSI IPL as a company.”

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