Screen Patti creates branded content series Bonnet Pe Charcha for Total Oil

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Bonnet Pe Charcha

One of India’s biggest new age comedy channel Screen Patti brings an exciting video series in association with Total Oil called Bonnet Pe Charcha​ as a refreshingly hilarious take on such debates.

After the famous Chai Pe Charcha and Daaru Pe Charcha, the fresh new series will see intense ‘charcha’ sessions between two young guys over a car bonnet.

Bonnet Pe Charcha will feature YouTube sensation Harsh Beniwal who has massive following across social media platforms with more than one million subscribers on YouTube and Instagram. With a promising brand integration, Bonnet Pe Charcha will showcase a comic take on modern topics of discussion like Cricket vs. Football, Solo Trip vs. Group trip and Gym vs. Yoga through a series of three webisodes. With a successful run of Chai Pe Charcha and Daaru Pe Charcha, the new video series is all set to take viewers on an entertaining journey of discussions, debates and comedy.

Speaking about the integrated campaign, Gayatri Ojha - VP (Marketing & Corporate Communications, CSR) Total Oil India said, “We needed more strategic and innovative minds to work with us as partners to grow the brand and hence our association with TVF is part of the brand’s content marketing strategy. The integrated campaign is aimed at young first time car owners to create conversations around a product, belonging to a low-involvement category. The digital branded content –“Bonnet Pe Charcha” curated by TVF, is an eclectic mix of three webisodes to engage the viewers and to provide them the brand insights subtly, while addressing contemporary issues. The aim is to create a top of mind recall amongst car users about the brand “Total Quartz” Engine Oil & its core promise – “Keep your Engine younger for Longer”. Webisodes will also be promoted on radio in the form of “Radiosodes”. The content on Radio will focus on topics that often remain undiscussed but are deeply penetrated in our society. Each Radiosode will have a smartly integrated brand communication strategy behind it. We believe the strengths of TVF is very admiring to our thinking & approach and together we can do some very interesting work in the future.”

Thrilled about the launch of new branded video series, Vijay Koshy - Head, Brand Partnerships, commented : “Our partnership with Total Oil India has been right in TVF’s strength zone where they wanted to create brand recall through content based on strong Indian insights. We understood brand’s promise of keeping the engine ‘Younger for Longer’ and married it with a relatable audience insight of Bonnet’s of cars being a place for informal conversations by youth . This allowed us to correlate the brand promise in content as well as create brand recall around an important and relevant piece of infrastructure in a car. Keeping in mind brand’s focus of reaching male audiences we launched it on our channel ‘The Screen Patti’ which has over 90% male viewership. The 3-episode web series has been received very well by the audiences both in terms of views as well as engagement and can be an ongoing series and Total has smartly extended this partnership onto Radio also.”

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