How United Way Baroda UWAY2017 digitized the Navratri Experience



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Associated with the festival of Navratri for more than two decades, United Way Baroda infused a digital element into the celebrations this year with UWAY2017.


United Way Baroda’s Navratri celebrations are a cultural hotspot in the city, and the company digitized the Navratri experience with UWAY2017 to capture the attention of the large NRI audience, and at the same time create an engaging Live experience on social media.


The UWAY2017 was divided into two phases, and the first phase of the campaign involved generating buzz around the event. In order to achieve that, United Way Baroda shwocased the backstage preparation including videos from performer Atul Purohit, the lead singer for the event. He maintains a tremendous fan following among the target audience and thus his popularity was leveraged succesfully.

A contest was developed to enhance the excitement around UWAY2017 and increase social media engagement by offering a chance to meet Atul Purohit.

Faagan Aayo – Unite Way of Baroda

Who's favorite Garba is this ???If you like it – "LIKE" If you love it – "Share"Faagan Aayo – Full Song.

Posted by United Way Baroda on Monday, 21 September 2015

Short videos of popular Garba songs were posted to entertain and engage the audiences even further, and the phase 1 activities were concluded with a countdown leading to the event, and by accouncing that the event would be broadcast Live on Facebook and YouTube.

3 Days to Go!

We love it when our dear garba patrons unanimously sway and shout out "Hove Hove" !! Share with your friends and family to make them hear your loved garbo!!. Get the Navratri fever going as just 3 days to go!

Posted by United Way Baroda on Monday, 26 September 2016

The beginning of the Navratri festival started the second phase of the campaign wherein the proceedings from the celebrations were broadcast Live on Facebook and YouTube.

United Way Baroda – Day 1 – Live Stream

United Way Baroda, Live Garba, Day 1, Vadodara, Gujarat, 1st Oct 2016. The Fun Begins #uway2016…. watch it live. #navratri #unitedway #live #atulpurohit #navratri2016 #garba #vadodara

Posted by United Way Baroda on Saturday, 1 October 2016

Real time pictures, videos and Boomerangs were posted on social media to achieve maximum engagement and reach. Short video clips of celebrity attendees such as music director duo, Sachin-Jigar and Bollywood actor, Rajpal Yadav.

Here is what Sachin-Jigar have to say about the breathtaking earthy garba played at #UnitedWay.#sachinjigar #uway2017 #garba #atulpurohit #crazynights #garbalovers #TrizoneIndia #navratrilovers #chalobeta #navratri2017 #festival #events #musicalevent #Gujarat

Posted by United Way Baroda on Thursday, 28 September 2017

In order to encourage the audiences to share the video and other media content, another contest was announced which helped the brand reach many more social media users.


UWAY2017 netted the brand a combined 7.8Million Impressions and

In the span of 9 days during which the Garba event was broadcast Live on Facebook and YouTube, all the videos gathered more than 1,346,156 views on YouTube and 1,546,446 views on Facebook.

On Instagram Stories, the brand achieved 38.9K views, and an enegament of 353K, whereas on Facebook, the brand achieved an engagement of 878508. On YouTube, UWAY2017 helped the brand receive an engagement of 30K.

United Way Baroda gained more than 10K Subscribers on YouTube. The campaign also helped United Way Baroda achieve a 100% increase in Facebook followers as the number rose from 22,000 to 44,000 by the conclusion of the campaign.

On Instagram, the brand witnessed a growth of more than 8K followers as their numbers rose from 2K to 10K as the campaign concluded.