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Polaroid Co

Who are we?

Polaroid Co. is an agency that is shaping the way brands communicate with the audience, by spinning visual stories around the product and creating scenarios through merchandising and photography.

We stage, we shoot, we make art, we are inspired by the things around us. We make a mess to create the imagery - the photographic artwork!

What's in the name?

Well we are kinda old school with a twist of modern and even as kids we were completely fascinated by these Instant Polaroid Cameras.

When we think of capturing visual moments, we think of Polaroid and that's why we are the Polaroid Co

What we do?

We not only create stories, but we communicate it to the right audience through all the channels. We help brands tell their story through a 360 degree solution to connect, converse, collaborate and relate with its target customers via visual communication.From click of a camera to click of a button!

Our services include conceptual photography and content creation, innovative short videos and influencer engagement. In short a holistic visual solution for the digital promotion for the brands.

Why we do it?

We believe advertising is majorly visual, visual content that tells interesting stories, relatable stories. People are visual, they would rather look at something than read about it. Also consumers trust recommendations from other people like themselves over promotional content that comes directly from brands even if they don’t know them personally.

How we evolve?

Eidetic marketing is the future, the method of using visual information to create lasting impact on the audiences’ memory. When you have photos plus an easy way to share via the mobile platform, it creates a combustion of content & usage.  Hence, Instagram ushered in a new era of “winners" in digital marketing. The "winners" are the ones who are image-based, mobile and social.

Social responsibility in social media

 We don’t like to set unrealistic aspirational value to our content. We keep it as real as possible. We have all been victims of comparison induced depression or unsatisfactions, by scrolling down our feeds. We make sure that the content we create is visually stunning without being unrealistic.

Need of the hour

The lesson for all the marketers is clear: don't just post photos as an afterthought, Let that be one of your top priorities. Eidetic Marketing is more powerful than any other form of advertising.

We learned the hard way

The digital space is cluttered with the unending interrupting ads and many influencers joining the bandwagon.  The users are gauging the trends, they are ignoring the unnecessary chaos. Hence we are trying to break the clutter to make a visual difference.

Did we just share that?

We believe in putting our heart and soul in each element that we create. So, one of our clients loved our pitch presentation so much, that they wanted us to make their brand presentation, knowing that it is not part of our services. Kind of a proud moment there!

They work with us

We collaborate with Colorbar, Sugar cosmetics, Plum goodness, India Circus by Godrej, The messy corner etc. to name a few.

Industry as we foresee

65% humans are visual learners, People will always have time to consume good quality content. Hence eidetic marketing should and always be the priority.

A day without Internet

This sounds like an Essay topic. Jokes apart, we can’t imagine a day without internet. Internet is like caffeine for our creativity, can be bad for health but we are addicted none the less.

Lastly, are you hiring?


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