10 things which are too real for anyone who has experienced the #AgencyLife

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Jan 10, 2018 11:35 IST
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Agency Life

Agency Life – what do you say about it? You hate it so much that you actually love it.

Dramatic, but true! Working in an agency or in the social media industry for that matter involves some really eccentric quirks. A lot of quirks.

Right from tiny pieces of wisdom emitted from the random #ThingsYouHearInAgencies to situational comedies – which happen a lot! The unreasonable clients, demanding deadlines, excruciatingly painful briefs sprinkled with words like trending, viral, and CTA.

Yes, Agency Life can be a handful, but let this not fool you, because it is one of the best damn things out there.

1 When client sends a brief at 6 PM on a Friday

publive-image2 And the brief says this

3 When the client reverts saying they want a “viral” campaign


4 At least once you’ve heard – bass Twitter pe trend karwa de bhai

publive-image5 When client expects donuts at the price of peanuts (Courtesy- Komal Balani)


6 When your folders look like THIS

7 You know all important days and celebrity birthdays by heard, cause content calendar

publive-image8 When you realize a sizable amount of your work includes sending the same links over and over and over to the SAME PERSON

9 When that one client you have a crush on walks in

publive-image10 When you’re following up for a long pending payment and feel like wasooly bhai


So, are you an agency person or someone who has survived the social media industry and deserve a big pat on your back? Well, now is the time!

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