BookMyShow nails moment marketing leveraging the Padmaavat controversy

social media campaign

BookMyShow has released their latest social media campaign – Jao Book Nowand Touchy Topic taking a dig at the never ending controversy around the movie Padmaavat.

For those living under the rock, the movie’s release was protested citing that it wrongly depicted the history. In spite of all the back and forth, the Censor Board had finally approved the movie and suggested the removal of the letter ‘i’ from the earlier name Padmavati.

BookMyShow’s campaign is a hilarious take on the subject matter, which has led to extreme unrest in the country for the last few months.

The concept of the campaign is extremely fresh and the brand has done a brilliant job of addressing a current issue and without being distasteful or crude. The intention of the communication is to tell people to go and book their tickets on BookMyShow and watch the movie on the opening day.

The brand has released two videos as a part of the campaing – Jao Book Now and Touchy Topic, both taking a rather creative route.

Supporting their video initiative, BookMyShow initiated a contest on their social media channels, urging users to participate and get their hands on movie vouchers.

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