Dark Theme for YouTube Mobile, Incognito mode might come soon

Dark Theme for YouTube Mobile

YouTube may soon roll out their first string of some useful features this year which could include a Dark Theme for YouTube Mobile, an all new Incognito mode and more.

It was only a matter of time before the Dark Theme for YouTube Mobile arrived after the company announced it was introducing the new feature for it’s Desktop version. The surprisingly cleaner new look made things easy on the eyes for YouTube users at night, although as a personal observation, most users tend to access YouTube on their mobile devices after dark.

Dark Theme for YouTube Mobile
The Dark Theme on the YouTube website looks neat.

The Dark Theme on YouTube mobile was long overdue and it could finally be arriving.

Accompanying it is an all new Incognito mode that will let users search for and watch YouTube videos without it reflecting in their search history on the platform. YouTube does allow users to ‘Pause’ their search history and then resume it once they have finished searching for questionable and embarrassing videos or both.

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Although that particular feature is enclosed deep within the YouTube app settings which are seldom accessed by many. Reports also suggest that YouTube may end up using the same icon to signify it’s Inognito mode that Google uses for the Incognito mode on their Chrome browser.

“It isn’t clear when or indeed if the new features will launch, but code found in the app suggests they’re all at least in development. The code was spotted by 9to5Google, which reports that a Dark Theme could soon come to the app.” The Independent reports.

YouTube users could also have a brand new way to skip ads introduced which won’t have them click on the bottom right corner of the video, but instead let them ‘swipe away’ any ad that they do not intend to watch.

All these new changes, if launched, could make up for a finer, and slightly more improved YouTube experience but I still believe the crucial-most, and necessary capability YouTube needs to work on is letting users run the app in the background.

Fingers crossed.

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