Fortune Foods Ek Sachi Koshish enhances the brand's Ghar Ka Khana proposition

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Ghar Ka Khana

People staying away from home look for familiar taste in food, when they move outside. Fortune Foods too believes that there is no substitute for home-cooked food and makes constant efforts to help you make your home-cooked food great.

Following their belief, Fortune wanted to bring home-cooked food to the ones farthest away from home – the Jawans, who spend their days and nights standing guard at remote locations with minimum or no choice in what they have for meals.

In October, the brand collaborated with actor Akshay Kumar to reiterate their philosophy. The campaign showcased Akshay Kumar interacting with jawansat a basecamp, where he even cooked food for them. The film ended with thejawans being overjoyed eating the meal prepared by Akshay that it reminded them of their Ghar Ka Khana

Taking it a step further, Fortune brought their thought of helping jawans experience home-cooked food to real life by bringing to them - the real taste of Ghar Ka Khana cooked by their mothers.

A surprise visit was arranged for the mothers of the jawans posted at the Srinagar Base Camp. The mothers got an opportunity to cook their favourite dish and see the joy on their faces.

Meeting their mothers after months over a plate of their favourite, mouth-watering dish right at their basecamp made it a very magical moment for them – a mix of surprise, excitement and joy for both the jawans& their mothers.

This was a small effort taken by Fortune Foods to bring jawans and their mothers together, and deliver the real taste of home-cooked food to them.

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