Captain Morgan and EIC's Every Saturday Night Ever tickles the funny bone

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Every Saturday Night Ever

Captain Morgan Original Rum recently tied up with East India Comedy (EIC) to release a 5:34 minute long video titled, Every Saturday Night Ever on their page.

Infusing humour, the video talks about how a typical Saturday with friends looks like, the planning which goes on before partying, getting sloshed, taking selfies and then end up wondering 'Why did we land up here?'

The brand has leveraged EIC's ability to constantly add humor to every day instances that people face and converting into a piece of branded content.

Managed by Vijay Nair’s OML (Only Much Louder), this is EIC’s first ever win in the space of 360-degree content creation for any brand – across YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp and on other platforms.

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Captain Morgan went on to get EIC on a long term partnership, a first for a Diageo brand in October 2017. Since then, it has seen organic engagements on the Captain Morgan social media pages. The number of likes have also grown from a mere 4,500 likes to over 100k and still counting, with EIC creating content in the form of GIFs, WhatsApp conversations, cocktail videos and brand-centric content that resonate with what the audience look for.

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