Facebook Gaming Creator Pilot Program debuts, adds virtual tip jar for monetization

Gaming Creator Pilot Program

Facebook has begun to test an alternate source of monetization specifically for video game streamers, reminiscent of an online tip jar, and have also announced the Facebook Gaming Creator Pilot Program.

A means of building an online gamers community on the social network, the Facebook Gaming Creator Pilot Program is a part of the company’s “concerted effort to listen to and work with gaming creators to help shape the future of gaming video on Facebook.” The social network aims at inviting more and more gamers to opt for Facebook, instead of their more well established and favoured competitors, Twitch and YouTube.

The tip jar service, which Facebook calls ‘payments during select Live Streams’ is intended to encourage the influx of more established gaming livestreamers onto Facebook while at the same time, inspiring a new class of gamers to join and thrive.

Facebook’s Gaming Creator Pilot Program focuses on the following points according to the company,

1. Helping gaming creators build more meaningful and more engaged communities on Facebook than anywhere else”

2. Maximize the spread of gaming content on Facebook, Instagram and Oculus.

3. Creating tools and services that supports the needs of gaming creators; and lastly,

4. A platform where they can accomplish great things (among other gaming creators.)

Facebook’s community is already 1 million strong, wherein, StoneMountai64 is one of the most popular gaming livestreamers on Facebook, which according to Facebook, is “bringing his community closer together around daily livestreams of PUBG, Fortnite and more.”

If you are an avid gamer, and are looking forward to signing up for the Facebook Gaming Creator Pilot Program, click here.