Myntra Unforgettables' Shristi from Patna narrates a touching tale

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Myntra Unforgettables

Myntra recently launched a digital campaign featuring one of its most consistent shoppers, Shristi, from Patna. This video is the second in the Myntra Unforgettables series, that pays tribute to some of its most loyal customers.

In this leg of the Myntra Unforgettables campaign, Shristi is seen narrating her experience as a fashion forward individual from Patna. The video has clocked 3.1 million views on the brand's social media page till now.

The film begins with the everyday hustle bustle of the city, and a mirror reflection of Shristi applying Kajal in her eyes, reminiscing the old days when such embellishments were insignificant for her. She considered fashion to be more of a demonstration for the outer world and not necessarily an everyday essential. We see her aunt entering the picture at this point, recollecting Shristi’s farewell day at school, when she considered attending the event wearing her uniform, while her friends were busy deliberating on dressing up for the day. All her life she never bothered about fashion and would even consider wearing Hawaii chappals to a wedding.

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However, she was struck with a setback in her life, where she lost her job, a relationship and her confidence, all at one go. This transformed her as a person and she began to grow stronger and soon came to realize that all that mattered was her individuality and how she is being perceived. Thus began Shristi’s journey to a fashion forward and a more confident person.

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