McDonald’s The story of a 35 year old child tugs at heartstrings

The story of a 35 year old child

McDonald’s India’s latest campaign titled, The story of a 35 year old child , Sunil tells the tale of a guy who is fond of collecting Happy Meal Toys

Till date, Sunil has more than 300 Happy Meal Toys. In 1998 he came to Bombay and stood for more than an hour in the queue to get his first Happy Meal. At that point of time, he didn’t even know that it had a toy inside. Yes, this is how The story of a 35 year old child , Sunil, started.

Today it has become his addiction to collect toys because he believes he is gathering memories. A lot of people make fun of his habit and can’t resonate with Sunil’s thought of collecting toys at this age.

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McDonald’s planned a surprise for him along with his friends and family, by putting an exhibition of his Happy Meals Toys collection. This initiative by the brand touched his hearts and he totally believes that no matter how old you grow, at heart you are always a kid. The video has garnered more than a 1 lakh views till now.

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