#GlobalSamosa - Tinder's new ad, Invention Of Together goes back in time

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Jan 12, 2018 10:13 IST
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Invention Of Together

The new Tinder ad, Invention Of Together, reaches way back into the Stone Age, highlighting our need for human connection as it makes its way forward into the present.

An animated creative spot,  Invention Of Together was created for the company by Buck, a design driven creative organization who have also created similar format campaigns for MasterCard, Nike and more. Invention Of Together preaches that getting together and interacting with a fellow human, is not very difficult in itself, but since mankind went ahead and made it complicated, Tinder simplifies it.

Invention Of Together opens with a bare butt, nose picking cave man, who runs into a female companion by accident, and after an initial shock, they get along really well.

The narration goes, “A long time ago, there was someone. They were alone……. And one day, they met another someone; which was scary at first but then they realized “Hey we should hang out!”.

What follows is a few moments of companionship and fun times, even leading to a double invention of fire and the wheel together, from whereon it depicts how ‘humans made all this complicated. They made up all these dumb rules about who could be together..”

AdWeek reports, “Tinder came to us with the concept,” said Ryan Honey, executive creative director at Buck in Los Angeles. “They wanted to create a brand spot that shed a bit of a different light on Tinder and was more about people coming together. It’s more about this history of relationships throughout mankind.”

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