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About the tool!

Trooya is a cloud based social media contact center, built with the intention of helping brands resolve customer issues on social media and thereby creating customer goodwill.

Trooya is a need for any brand which understands the criticality of online customer service and its impact on revenue and reputation.

This Social CRM platform can help brands improve customer satisfaction, protect brand reputation, convert detractors into brand advocates and reduce customer service costs.

Who founded the product/company?

Dr. Ranjit Nair, our CEO, had founded the company back in 2007. Our company already has a product called Germin8 Social Listening, a social media listening and monitoring platform which was launched back in 2011 and is being used by various brands. Our latest product, Trooya, has been launched this year as a Social CRM solution. Germin8 Social Listening combined with Trooya forms a part of our Germin8 Social Intelligence product suite.

What platforms does it cover?

Trooya allows for responses to be published on Facebook, Twitter and Google Playstore at present.

Features of the tool?

Trooya offers:

a. Real Time Engagement, which helps brands respond to customer interactions in real time

b. Collaborative workflows, where work gets assigned to response agents automatically and saves a supervisor’s time and effort

c. Intelligent Customer Engagement, where response agents get access to a customer’s conversational history on social media. This helps them understand a customer’s history and thus have a more informed conversation with the customer

d. Analytics for Improved Performance, which helps a brand’s customer success manager track their team’s quality and efficiency

What analytics support does the tool provide?

Trooya provides 2 broad types of analytics – stream and user based. While the former helps get a more detailed understanding of the flow of customer interactions a brand gets daily, the latter helps a brand understand how efficient its social media response team is.

Does it give an option to download reports?

Yes! Users can download detailed reports which help understand data points, few of which are – response rate, no. of resolved and unresolved customer interactions, average turnaround time and total customer interactions which have come overall or for a specific amount of time.

What are the brands/agencies that are using this tool?

Few of the brands which use Trooya are ICICI Bank, Tata Motors, Tata AIA, CEAT and agencies such as Beehive Communications.

Pricing & Packages

Trooya is priced using a subscription model. Pricing begins from Rs. 20,000/month and can go up to above 1 lakh. Increase in cost depends on factors like how many user access would you need, followed by no. of social media handle you’d want to track and respond on.


Trooya is under continuous development, anticipating market trends and developing features which our customers would find helpful. We’re currently planning to add support for conducting social customer service on other popular social media platforms.

The Team

Our development team is a mixture of experienced and novice professionals. They are coding and development specialists by profession, and singers, competitive PC gamers, guitarists, cooks, sketch artistes and football enthusiasts by passion. An equal spread of hobbies and passion can be seen in our sales and customer success teams. While our sales team has people who’ve owned their own businesses and our body builders, those in our Customer Success team are mimicry artistes, motion picture bloggers, bikers, paragliders, members of rock bands, fiction writers and classical singers.

Are you hiring?

Yes, we are hiring.

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