Vicks Launches #TouchOfCare Campaign in the Philippines

Touch of Care Philippines

Vicks Touch of Care Philippines – which reinforces the brand’s belief in the power of care. The first video of #TouchOfCare was launched in India in March 2017

Vicks, a brand synonymous with Family Care globally, has launched another heartwarming online video titled Learning to Love #TouchOfCare, which reinforces the brand’s belief in the power of care.

Philippines campaign  believes that it is ‘care’ that makes a family, and not the other way around. Thus, the film also endeavors to provoke conversations about what it means to be “a family” within contemporary society.

This message is personified in a 4-minute online film inspired by the real-life story of an innocent child and his adoptive father, and how a loving touch of care is central to the transformation of both their lives.

The first video of #TouchOfCare was launched in India in March 2017 which portrayed the story of a transgender, Gauri Sawant who takes care of an orphaned girl.

Created by Publicis Singapore, the film reveals the story of a young man called Hernando and his journey of transformation when a hapless orphan enters his life, triggering a series of life-changing events that culminate in the creation of a very unusual and very caring new family.

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The film beautifully captures how Hernando cared for an abandoned baby as if he were his own, against all odds, and with deep compassion and love, and how their relationship changed not just their own lives, but also the lives of those around them.

According to Maithreyi Jagannathan, Regional Associate Brand Director, P&G Health-Care Asia, “Vicks has always stood for care and the relief it provides from cold and cough by the gentle touch of our products. In this #TouchOfCare campaign we are elevating this brand idea and explaining how care can transform lives and the future of people who are not just connected by blood but end up being family through care itself.”

According to Lipi Banerjee, Country Manager, P&G VICKS Philippines & Indonesia
“Vicks in the Philippines has a long history…mothers rely on Vicks to help them provide lov-ing care to their families. Philippines campaign believes that a touch of care can work wonders and with this campaign, we explore how a touch of care can build relationships and transform lives.”

Ajay Thrivikraman, Publicis Singapore Chief Creative Officer, Global Clients also commented, “As we interrogated the nature of care, we realised that it is a more transformative and powerful force than even love. To care about someone or something is a conscious choice, and a simple one that we can all make, to touch lives and transform them. Hernando’s story is all the inspiration. We needed.”

Finally, Sheron Dayoc, the film’s director too said, “To be cared for is a wonderful feeling, but the act of caring is also powerful because it can be transformative… hands gently wip-ing away tears, a comforting pat at the back, are maybe simple acts but can give a sense of emotional security, trust and positivity – not only for the one receiving it but also for the one sharing the touch of care.”

The Philippines campaign commenced on January 21st, 2018 with the launch of the Vicks #TouchOfCare film, supported by a digital and PR campaign led by MSLGROUP Manila, 20:20 MSL Mumbai and Publicis Singapore respectively.