How Setu drove over 10 million views on campaign video





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Setu, a modern health supplements brand offers solutions that counter the lack of nutrients resulting from the unhealthy, sedentary and poor diet based lifestyles led by the current generation.


The digital marketing initiative from Setu was devised to raise awareness not only around the need to replenish the body with necessary health supplements, but also to promote Setu’s natural ingredient based products.


In order to convey their message to the millennial audience, which was the primary target audience for Setu, the brand created a campaign video that highlights many unhealthy aspects of the modern life.

The now way of supplementing your modern lifestyle

#TheNowWay of staying healthy is here.Watch our very first video to see the ill effects of modern lifestyle on your health, and how Setu can help you change that. For an eye-opening experience, click on the link and take the test!

Posted by Setu India on Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Points such as consumption of junk food, alcoholism, overdependence on mobiles and other gadgets, and more were highlighted in the campaign video.

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Leveraging multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, and YouTube, while also promoting the video on the digital content platform, HotStar.

By means of an eye test, which directed users to the brand’s website landing page, the brand promoted their products further. The eye test was promoted on social media through multiple short videos.

Spending time in front of digital devices?

Do you spend every waking hour in front of digital devices? Take the online eye test to see what it’s doing to your eyes: #TheNowWay

Posted by Setu India on Thursday, 14 December 2017


The campaign video by Setu garnered more than 13,91,822 total views, and the videos also helped promote the eye test which directed users to the company’s landing page. On YouTube, the video received more than 371K views.

Over 161 sign ups were received, whereas more than 83,000 users arrived on the company’s campaign website.